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Anxiety , pressure & heaviness in head

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I went the the ER because I was short of breath, my throat was closing up, my right arm and leg were going numb, and I was dizzy. I felt as if I was having a heart attack without the chest pain. This was a little over two weeks ago. The ER doctor determined it was a panic attack and gave me Ativan. A week later I went to see my family practitioner and he checked me out as fine and is going to send me to get blood work.

Now to my problem. I spend every day very aware of my body and any changes I feel. For the past two days in the lower right side of my head I feel pressure almost like my brain is pushing against my skull and my head feels heavy. I am scared to death I have a brain tumor. But I can't really get an MRI because I don't have insurance. Could this constant pressure and heaviness be my anxiety messing with me or should I seek more medical treatment. I am worried to no end that I am going to die every day or that something serious is going to happen to me.
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replied May 7th, 2010
What test's did the ER do to determine you were ok? I get anxiety but have never experienced numbness in my arms or legs. You were right to go to the ER for the symptoms you had at that time however the ER is the last place that will take the time to work with you to find out what might be ailing you.

Have you had your blood work done yet, is your doctor doing a CBC only or is he also checking your hormones, vitamins, your thyroid? Blood work can be very informative if the right tests are ordered. Have you every been checked for diabetes? So many things can cause headaches and you are only creating more anxiety by assuming it may be a brain tumor. What over the counter meds have you tried to relieve your headache? I find that aspirin works great for me with a cup of coffee. Are your headaches debilitating? The best advice I can give you is to follow up with your doctor, be persistant if your symptoms keep happening so he will keep testing you until you can get some answers. I really doubt you have a brain tumor, people suffer from migranes for years, and most of them never find out what causes them. Head pressure and heaviness sounds like a sinus problem. This can cause significant headaches. It will also hurt when you bend over. You are jumping to conclusions and scaring yourself only causing more anxiety. Try not to worry. Things happen all the time that cannot be explained. I have one more question, have you been having any fevers? Oh one more thing, blood tests can tell if you are suffering from cancer, because you white blood cell count and blood platlets would b out of whack and they can determine if you are having a heart attack or stroke. So try to stop worrying. Something as simple as a vitamin defiency could be causing your symptoms.
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