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Anxiety? or something serious?

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I am 22 years old and have no history physical problems (except high anxiety as a child and depression in my teenage years) I am currently an exchange student in Japan, and I have a major problem. The days I have been studying here, I have shown now symptoms of anxiety and I have been relatively healthy. I played Soccer 5 nights a week and jogged on the weekends. however, halfway through I cut my finger really badly which resulted in having me to get stitches (it required 6 stitches and I had a little bit nerve damage (?) but the doctors told me my finger would heal). It was probably the first time I have ever felt like I was going to die, since I could not speak the language, and I didn't know how to contact the emergency hospitals. Fortunately, my friend who could speak English and Japanese helped me, and since that day I have been showing symptoms of huge anxiety.
At first, it started with no being able to go outside at night, then insomnia, then chronic stomach pains resulting in diarrhea and now it has gotten worse. Last Friday, it started with being unable to breath, I did, however, feel better and was able to sleep. The second night, I stayed with some friends (the husband is a smoker) and the feeling of not being able to breath came back to me and never seemed to leave this time (This is on Saturday June 20th, 2009), so I finally decided to go to the Emergency. There they checked my blood pressure (it was 134/82, which is high for me) then they took chest x rays and blood samples. The Dr. said nothing was wrong, except I had a little bit of a high white blood cell count. I always check my finger nails to see if they turn blue or anything but it doesn't seem like it. When I take my mind off of it, I seem to be better.
I have also been worrying about many things recently, my Finances school, relationship with my girlfriend, not having medical insurance, my injured hand, homesickness and the list could go on. I also went to another Dr. and he checked my chest again, and re-confirmed that nothing seemed to be wrong. Can stress do this like this to someone? My feeling right now is hopelessness to the point that I wrote a will and good-bye letters to family because I feel I will die soon. I would also like to see another Dr. but it is expensive, my chest is sore from trying to deep breath so much... I need help, I want to go back home to one of my Doctors in Canada but I am afraid I will die on the plane...
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replied June 26th, 2009
Relax, you are not dying. Yes, stress can do horrible things to your body. It's very scary being away from home, especially in a foreign country. When you begin to feel anxious take a deep breath and vision something you love to look at or a favorite place. Do you take medication for anxiety? If it continues I would suggest seeing a doctor for some anxiety medication so you can study and feel better. If you need to go back home, maybe you should. I promise, you will not die on the plane. Good-luck to you. I'm here if you need to talk. I suffer from a lot of anxiety myself so I know what it feels like.
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