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Hello all, I'm wondering if anyone has heard of potential side effects or interactions of taking SSRI Zoloft with Omeprazole (prilosec). I have been taking the 2 together for a week total now, started with 25mg Zoloft and 20mg omeprazole, but I just increased my Zoloft to 50mg and am worried of potential side effects, increased symptoms etc. I'm only supposed to take the omeprazole for one more week. I have normally been taking it before bed and Zoloft at 7pm. Should I continue as normal and watch for effects? Or switch omeprazole to AM to potentially avoid some effects? Or what? I've been feeling okay stomach wise lately. Just want to finish my doses and be done. Thanks.
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replied August 23rd, 2017
The only thing I could find is that it may make u ssri stronger in ur blood but u should be fine because ur dose is so low my dose of Zoloft is 100mg and I know people on 200 mg so u will be fine.. I would continue just like ur doctor says.i hope this helps.
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