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Hey guys!

This is quite weird to be honest, and I'm gonna do my best to explain it. I have been going through an anxiety disorder for the last couple of months. Things have definitely gotten much better, but the depersonalization still hits me a lot, which sucks! Now the thing is, a lot of the times when I'm standing, all of a sudden I feel as if my legs aren't there!! I keep thinking I'm gonna fall down on my knees and on my face! :/. It's really really weird. Also, sometimes when I'm sitting it feels as if my legs are not there, I can move them, flex the muscles, when I touch, scratch or pinch them I can feel them, but when I'm just sitting they feel weightless. Not always, but that tends to be happening a lot lately. I'm not very anxious when I feel this way. Maybe I am, but I just don't know it? It's weird. I also sometimes feel as if I'm gonna fall to the side. Before my anxiety, this used to happen rarely, maybe because naturally I am an anxious person, but now? It has gotten much more frequent. What is this? And why does it happen? I read the ins and outs anxiety, and I do have a basic understanding. But I can not quite understand this, and it really bothers me. This also happens with my arms and hands sometimes, I'd be talking on the phone, and I honestly think my arms is just gonna drop down, like they have know weight to them, but that has never happened. I have done an MRI scan for the brain around two months ago which came back fine. Has anyone has this symptom?

Thank you
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replied November 8th, 2011
Anything guys?
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