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Anxiety, feeling overwhelmed, crying, shaking when stressed

Any time i get in to a conflict with someone, even if its just a yelling match, or under go any kind of high stress. I begin shaking, i feel like i need to run away, i feel overwhelmed and i start crying like un-controllably and im supposed to be a grown man at 24. I cant control this happening and I dont know what its happening either. It started happening a lot after I was sick with SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) Was forced to go on steroids several times over a year. Then an old back injury acted up and ive been on vicodin for around a year now. I recently went to a pain management doctor, and he was extremely rude and down right mean to me. Accusing me of lieing about my past pain doctors name which i said i thought it was XXXXXX but wasnt sure. Any time i tried to explain my medical problems to him he told me "I dont want to hear it, im not interested i just want yes or no answers". After this i started shaking and getting extremely upset and i was nearly in tears in his office when he re-entered the room i said Look, your and extremely rude and mean person and I dont want you as my doctor. Then i left, ive been extremely depressed ever since, not to mention im going through pain pill withdrawl.

Im going to my doctor tomorrow and im gonna ask her if there is anything she can do so I dont feel emotionally hopeless, a wreck and feel like i want to be dead all the time.
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replied October 2nd, 2010
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Hi mAngelus,

Kudos, for setting that rude doctor straight. I hope your new one is more professional and advise you accordingly.

Good Luck and let us know how you do.

Faded Rose
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