I'm 23, my depressed state cycle started over.
I feel anxious all the time - worrying about what will this or that person think of me, how can i behave in order not to hurt or disturb him or her.
I cannot focus. During my job i make the same little mistakes over and over because i lack attention.
I blame myself vigorously for failures i've been through - no mercy.
I think most people in my surroundings are smarter then me. I just pretend to be.
I never think about consequences when i speak - and always have problems with it.
I do not know what responsibility is.
I've got good self-presentational skills, but sooner or later people around me will find out (they always do) how dull, emotionless, low-iq a stupid stud like me is.
I've got no sex drive and i'm hardly attracted to anybody at all.
In addition i've got premature ejaculation - so i prefer not having any sex life at all, avoiding the problems altogether.

I'm sick of how weak and ridiculous i am.

Need any advice.

PS. Last year i've been diagnosed with general anxiety disorder.
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replied November 10th, 2010
Please find the stregnth to move on chase after your dreams and stop worrying!!! listen to calm music breath in and out do things you like!!! it will all work out trust me!!
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