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anxiety , depression over relationship and potential move

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Hi, I have been suffering from anxiety and depression for probably about 7 years now but since i moved to birmingham from rural scotland 18 months ago it has got progressively worse. I took an overdose 8 weeks ago as i was desperate. I just cant hold down a job, i miss my family and i am homesick but my partner wont move from here till i am better and if i do go back home now for medical help it will almost certainly be over between us. I am so unhappy at the moment, i have no money, my partner is very supportive financially but she is getting very impatient with me. I am absolutley stuck in a horrible situation, i want to go back to scotland but if i do i will lose my partner and that makes me very, very unhappy. I have had some counselling and tried CBT techniques but nothing seems to work for me. I also lack lots of confidence and self esteem and the last few days i have felt very depressed. I hate my life and i very badly need some help. The pressure is pushing me over the edge.

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