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Anxiety,Chest and heart pains,depression

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I'm a new member and would really like to share my experience and gain any advise anyone has.
I'm 16 years old and my friends and I belive i am a sufferer of anxiety. About 2 years back i suffered a depression and was put on prozac and we belive the cause of this depression was anxiety. I saw a counsillor but it wasn't really for me and i struggled to talk about the things that were really bothering me and i would get really worked up abput going to see her. I kinda just sat there answering questions. Later i saw a different doctor, she was suprised i'd been put on medication like that at my age at the time which was 14/15 and we worked at coming off them. The depression went away however i can't help but feel my anxiety is getting worse. I have had panic attacks, leading to hyperventilating and passing out-which we belive has been made worse due to low blood pressure. i get so stressed and worked up over tiney things and often get a horrible sensation in my stomach which are like having butterflies but extremily unpleasent.i dont sleep well. I cannot go around friends houses and i hate to talk on the phone. I have days where i can't eat anything and suffer from chest pain, i often feel as if soeone has kkicked me in the chest or that my chest is really tight. However one concern of mine is an intense feeling of pain i get in what i belive to be my heart, it often only lasts seconds however i cannot move or breath because the pain is so intense. I've have been to my doctor with these symptons and she agrees that i have anxiety however she says there isn't anytihng she can do for me until i'm older,she says the mental health organisations in my area are unimpressive and have previously lost track completely of patients she has reffered there. She doesn't want to put me on any medication at my age and she can't do much until im an adult and she can refer me to the adult mental health care organisations. However i can not deal with my anxiety, it drives me mad getting so worked up about everything and it is a strain on many of my friendships that i cannot go around houses or talk on the phone. I've tried things like yoga, relaxing baths and counsilling and nothing seems to help. Okay rant over Razz does anyone have any advice?
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First Helper Simeon88

replied June 4th, 2011
The anxiety is likely to either be caused by a traumatic event in your life or passed down from other family members, and at your age due to all your exams, and stressful happenings, it is likely to cause your anxiety and/or depression to come out worse. Your heart and chest pains are likely to be caused by your anxiety as a way of trying to cope, physical pain is a lot easier to deal with than mental pain in a lot, but not all, cases. Your pains, anxiety and depression should eventually calm down as your life style does. You shouldtry to avoid doing any stressful situations and avoid anything you don't like doing. I hope this has helped and I hope you get better soon! Smile
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replied September 21st, 2012
I've been depressed for some years, the best thing a tried is bioenergetics, it helps me have i good feelings, but occasionaly i got depressed. Forgive my bad english I am not native speaker. All the best for you.
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