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anxiety causing woozy feeling ?

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I'm not sure what is wrong with I think that it may be anxiety disorder. Where do I start. My Mom passed away in November after a horrible battle with pancreatic cancer. I was very close with my Mom. I looked after her at home. 4 months after my Mom died, I began to feel sick. One night I was standing at my counter in the kitchen and suddenly this drunk feeling came over me. It was so intense that I went to the ER. the following evening it came back, and has been here ever since. I have seen three doctors. During this time, I have had a CT scan, 2 ECGs, chest x-ray and a blood work-up. One doctor thought this is a middle ear infection and told me that this can go on for 2 months. However, my family doctor did a blood work up. My test results came back negative except for my thyroid. (Ive been hypothyroid since 15 with very little problems other than the usual, cold hands, feet, dry skin, fluctuating weight, achy feelings- but I learned to deal with that,so for me thats been normal over the years. no biggy) However, my TSH came back at 13 so they upped my synthroid dosage 3 weeks ago. The (doctors) believe that this woozy drunk feeling that I have is the result of the combination of my TSH levels and my Mom's death (anxiety)

My questions are: Can high TSH levels cause this persistant feeling of out of it almost drunk like feeling that appears about an hour after I wake up and persists throughout the day until I go to sleep. It worsens when I move fast. It almost feels like Im floating. Some times I feel dizzy but not often. Secondly, can middle ear infections cause this feeling too? I My family doctor says no, because middle ear is associated with vertigo. Finally, could this be anxiety from my Moms death (although I dont feel anxious) cause this persistant feeling? And if so what can I do about it? I feel horrible and Im so tired of feeling this way.

Please help.

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replied December 24th, 2010
Yes It could very well be anxiety Sad I have had those same feelings as well all the time. I went to my doctor and after many tests and blood work they have dicovered I have severe anxiety. If you go to your doctor and tell him that is what u feel he will give u some antideppresents,don't worry they r not to bad but they r used for anxiety as well.I hope I helped u some what with ur question:)
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replied July 11th, 2012
Drunken tension in head
Please help my mom sounds like this is happening to her now. She is feeling dizzy while asleep (drunken sleep she not drunk), and has what she says tension in her head. Please help - Taylor
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