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Anxiety- caused by marijuana

I was out with a group of mates one night and we were all smoking having a good time after i had my cone i started to felt really really happy and it was the highest I've ever been before about 10 minutes later i started to worry and i was really thirsty i feel myself falling asleep but i got my bestfriend to keep me awake because i thought i was going to die i got in the car and told my mate to drive me home straight away my bestfriend had to keep slapping me to keep me awake and i literally got my mates to stop at someones house to get me some water when i got home my aunty and uncle freaked out they sent me to my room and my aunt came up with me because she was afraid something bad was going to happen i remember laying in bed and blinking eye but it would blink like 30secs later, from that day forward i've never been the same and have a huge fear of death i dont go to class because i cant concentrate and i feel like crap all when i walk out in the public i feel like im going to fall over or just drop dead, i'm always twitching even when i go to bed i think its just my nerves but it scares me and worries me a lot, my doctor said its anxiety and she put me on anti depressants but than my aunty said its Psychosis im really scared don't no what to do with myself i have given up marijuana i havent done it since that night which was at the start of January ?
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replied April 30th, 2013
Hi, I've been having problems since the last time I smoked, too, but it sounds like yours is more severe. I am not a frequent smoker and I freaked out last time I did it. I've had 3 more attacks of anxiety-like symptoms since then. It last for at least a few hours or more. My heart beats harder and faster, I get muscle twitches, shakes, chills, and chest pain. Anxiety is not dangerous unless you have heart problems I think, but I read that marijuana can trigger anxiety or make anxiety and psychosis worse in a person who already has it or has the risk for it in their genes.
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