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Anxiety, autoimmune disease, or neurological problem?

For the past year I’ve had to put my life on hold due to a myriad of symptoms. I still have yet to figure out what is going on even after doing tons of tests and seeing multiple doctors. I’m a 25 year old male in good shape. Here are the symptoms I experience pretty much on a daily basis:

-Bradycardia (40-55 bpm)
- Heart palpitations/PVC’s
-Orthostatic Hypotension/intolerance
-Light headed and dizzy (I feel like I’m about to pass out if I do anything physical or change my body position)
-head pressure and tension headaches
-low body temperature 95-98
-systolic hypertension (systolic BP is usually around 140-160 and diastolic is normal)
-Low metabolism (easy and quick weight gain), high cholesterol
-sleep problems (insomnia, broken sleep, never feel rested)
-Anxiety/depression (I have gotten this under control with Celexa)
-Acid Reflux every day (treated with Nexium, possibly causing damage or irritation to Vagus nerve?)
-fatigue and muscle weakness
-slow healing, easy bruising/infections, allergies
-chest discomfort, occasional heart pounding and pain
-occasional blurry vision and trouble focusing

I’ve also recently noticed some cognitive problems like stumbling on words and forgetting my train of thought. I realize these are a ton of symptoms that affect multiple body systems, which is why this has been very difficult to get diagnosed. Most doctors have chalked it up to anxiety even though I know something is physically wrong with my body, and the source of my anxiety is these symptoms. I didn’t have any of these symptoms prior to a year or 2 ago. I’ve had my heart checked as well as a CT scan of my brain, blood and urine analysis is somewhat normal. It did show that I am deficient in Vitamin D even though I take a multi vitamin. It also showed I have high levels of ANA, but the rest of my blood was normal so my doc and rheumy think it’s a false positive. Some other, possibly helpful, background information: I have bad posture and neck/back problems, and 2 years ago I was bitten in the leg by an unknown bug in mexico that caused some sort of extreme reaction and infection turning it partially black and very swollen (IV antibiotics for a month), but was never checked for Lyme Disease. I also was on doxycycline for 2 years (I’ve come across a few things that indicate this medicine could cause elevated ANA, and possibly even drug induced lupus), and have been on Nexium for 1 year. Any information or help is GREATLY appreciated as I am desperate for answers, thank you!
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replied November 25th, 2012
When you take the Vitamin D, take it at night and also take Magnesium, this should help with it absorbing.

Yes the doxy can be a doozy - can give bad results on liver functions test, and as you stated drug induced lupus...something to look into further.

The heart problems and hypertention could be caused by energy drinks and lack of water. I had an episode where I had had some energy drinks earlier in the day and later someone was irking me/pissing me off to the point I felt ill. Blurry vision, head pressure. I happen to be a medic and was in the aid station so one of the other medics said hey lets just see where your blood pressure is. My systolic is usually low 100. It was 148! Which caused me to go into a little panic and make the feeling worse. He gave me an IV just to pump some good fluids in, a Fiorcet tablet and had me lie down in the dark with a cool washcloth on my head. Half an hour later I was perfectly well.

To sum it up: Stress, diet, hydration could also be contributing factors.
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