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Anxiety attacks with chest burning

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First, I would like to thank all who respond to our questions and concerns.
I am age 37. suffer from severe anxiety attacks for 6 months, new to me.
6 months ago had echo, stress, ekg's and all fine. I am on xanax .25 2-3 times day. Xanax seems to only allow me to stay a little calmer during an attack but not necessarily keeps them from happening. When I am calm, I still suddenly feel burning in center chest and hard time with diaphramatic breathing, bending over with feet on floor helps me breath better and slower. I also have mitro valve prolapse n sleep apnea
When tests were fine 6 months ago, it was a relief. How often should I have the same tests done to be sure its nothing more than anxiety/hormonal changes? Should I ask for hormonal blood tests taken? These attacks happen approx every half hour while calm, snf week b4 period its constant severe attacks. Should I be concerned with angina (or similar), or would this have been ruled out 6 months ago with the cardiac tests?

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