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anxiety attacks caused by tense body?

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Hello, i'm new to this forum. I've had anxiety attacks on and off since 1993 and a little anxiety before that when I was 15 and on. When i was 15 I started having jumping sensations i don't know if it was my heart or lung and they were uncomfortable, course I always thought it was my lung I kept it in for years wouldn't tell nobody, i started getting a little anxiety. After I got a job I got a little better. I was about 20 years old then. in 1993 I was about 29 yrs old I started having anxiety attacks heart racing and stuff like that, i went to the doctor and they put me on xanax it made me feel a little better, but after I had my third child I quit taking it. it seemed like everytime i would have a child my anxiety did different. after I had my fourth child In 2007 it started doing me different, I mean it seem like my anxiety was a little better, but since this year it started different i don't know its from stress fussing all the time with my 14 year old son and it's making my body tense. but when my heart speeds up a little bit from dreading to get out of bed cause of worring about this problem it's hard for me to get my mind off of it and to really relax to feel better I mean i feel okay but just like to breath better. but if your body was really tense would this cause the problem? sometimes I can feel better if I talk to somebody and have my mind focus on talking to them i can feel better, but i can go all day like this. my heart just beats just a tab faster just enough to make me miserable. does anybody have this problem?
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replied July 5th, 2009
When you are anxious check your breathing. Consciously slow it down. Breathe in for a count of 7 and out very slowly for a count of 12, this should reverse the fight or flight reaction and help you to feel more calm. Hypnosis will help but if you find it hard to relax try and use an anxiety help recording that you can find on the internet. Very fast safe effortless cheap and effective. Just listem with headphones and feel the difference on first use guaranteed.

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