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Anxiety and worries or should i relax?

Hi, couple days ago I went out with a female friend to have some drinks. We went home and had sex protected vaginal sex with a condom, but it ended up slipping off inside and had brief unprotected sex for about two minutes before I realized what happened. We immediately stopped and cleaned up. She proceeded to show me her latest blood test and std results that she recently got on September 23 2015 two months ago,and physically copy of them and showed me that she was std and HIV free and told me not to worry.Also she is not a drug user at all. I to showed her my paperwork from a couple months ago proving that i am clean and std free as well. This was a total accident but she understood the seriousness and took initiative to stay safe and showed her paperwork to be cautious to be safe. Can i rest easier now or is my irrational fears really messing with me? thank you ahead of time doctors...
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replied December 14th, 2015
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