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I've been having this problem for a while but it only has been getting worse in the last 3 months. I have been having panic attacks or at least what I think it is. I have pressure in the front part of my head, I cant talk and form simple sentences when I'm having my attack, I have a physical tick of touching my middle finger and thumb together while I'm having the attack, I start pacing and cant stop while I'm having my attack (I start rocking back and forth if I'm forced to stand or sit still),and there is no cause from what I know that trigger it. It can last up to 2 hours and they happen at random times (sitting at home, falling asleep, working, talking with family or friend, ect.) I have no idea what causes it and it has been recently affecting my work severely. I have been seeing a phycologist and trying his methods but when I have my panic attack I can't form thoughts and the breathing techniques don't work. I'm not sure what my next step should be.

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