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anxiety and stress leading to drug addiction what to do?

As down as i might feel at the moment i am very aware that my life could be a lot worse, and thats what makes me unable to talk to any of my mates about things because they would just be like "u dont have it bad atall"
there are quite a few problems, and they started summer last year, i slept with my friend and then we fell out over something, and she told everyone that i slept with her then deliberately stopped talking to her, that i played her. i started off college well i found that i could have a social life like i did in the summer and still keep up with the work, i found it really hard however not being shy around these new people at college, normally i was confident, could talk to people easily, but being put in a class not knowing anyone, i made bad first impressions and my confidence dropped loads.
this made things worse, im part of a rather immature friendship group (practically all boys) so we all take the mick out of each other, but i wouldnt have the confidence to come up with a witty comeback so it kept happening, further dropping my confidence, can i just mention that throughout this whole time i have been smoking weed which also may account for the drop in confidence.
I then got my first lot of exam results and failed, this dropped my confidence in my intelligence, i hadnt had sex in all this time, and now i like another one of my friends in fact im totally obsessed (not sexually i do like her a lot in a cute way dw), but i dont know if she likes me and im scared to talk to her about it because if she doesnt then that will drop my confidence in myself with girls as well.

so i tried to make some changes, i actually started working hard, every night, i stopped hanging out with my immature mates whos life revolves around them making other people feel terrible about themselves, and ive tried to lay of the weed but its impossible, everything is so stressful because of the 6months worth of catching up i have to do at college, and when i smoke it i dont care any more, everything just goes away, but obviously thats how people become drug addicts, so i need a reply that will tell me how to sort my life out. ideally, i would be with this girl Razz which is foreseeable, i have got with her before and like 2 weeks ago we were snuggled up in my bed, but shes just hard to read, i need to know what a girl would want me to do and i think i need to tell her how i feel, also i need to build my confidence so that when i see my mates they dont get the chance to take the mick out of me, i need to STOP smoking weed, i keep trying to do this, it is rubbish and messes with your head, i dont even think i would be in this situation if i never started smoking weed
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