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Anxiety and possible depression...associated pains?


My name is Eddie and I am new to this forum. I was diagnosed with mild to moderate anxiety last year around January or Feb 2012. I had my first anxiety or panic attack 2 weeks before I went to a doctor and got a diagnosis but had been to the ER twice and they could not tell me anything abnormal. Over this past year I have been somewhat feeling better about my anxiety and controlling it to a good measure by myself and sometimes with the help of 0.5 clonazepam as needed.

When I was first diagnosed, I was prescribed 0.5 clonazepam and a low does of Paxil. I tried the paxil for 2 months and quit cold turkey due to some side effects and the lack of seeing any results, if anything it made my anxiety 3 times worse. I was also diagnosed with mild acid relfux and have started taking nexium to keep it under control for the most part. Now my question is for the past 3-4 months after going back and forth to doctors for multiple reasons I am getting worse with some new symptoms. Ever since my first anxiety attack I have always had a flushed face on my left side, it even tingles and hurts periodically. I have also developed a pain in my left shoulder down to my finger tips but mostly it hurts and tingles from my elbow to my finger tips on and off on a daily basis. I have had numerous EKGs to rulle out my heart and just recently got an MRI done of my neck to check for a pinched nerve and results were negative with some slight narrowing. Some days are good and some are horrid without taking medication to control the symptoms and anxiety that comes with the symptoms and I would just like to get some input from you guys here to let me know what you think I could be suffering from or if in fact it is just stress and anxiety. I also sepperated my shoulder 4 years ago in an auto accident but had no problems with it after it healed until it seems recently it may be acting up but like I stated, the pains and tingling is not normally in my shoulder but from my elbow to my hand and fingers.

I was also wondering if any of these symptoms can be attributed to acid relfux or depression. It has gotten so frustrating that I am getting to my breaking point and just want some answers, even if it is something I would have no control over. All I know is the pains are real and the anxiety that I get from the symptoms is real and it is really taking its toll on a 23 year old. Any input is greatly appreciated!! Thanks! -Eddie
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replied March 29th, 2013
I went through a traumatic event in my life a few weeks ago; long story short I went home with the desire to have everything go back to normal. For awhile it was all going great until i came down with what Im assuming was the flu/cold. I felt better after a few days then BAM I felt awful again. I took NyQuil the liquid version and felt like I was experiencing the same reaction to medication that I felt during my traumatic event. I stopped taking the medication and decided to ride the flu out but I ended up becoming sicker and sicker. Finally my flu/cold symptoms( extreme cough, fever, runny nose,sneezing,aches chills) went away leaving me paranoid about sick. I now at this very moment feel a dull pain in my right side of my chest, can not sleep, have loss of appetite ( I cant stomach anything, keep checking my pulse/vitals, have a fear that Im going to die in my sleep or that I have a serious illness that my parents are ignoring, heart palpitations,body chills,fatigue and bad breath. I keep worrying myslef that there is something wrong with me and have convinced myself that I either have pneumonia, walking pneumonia, going to have a heart attack, die in my sleep, or something is going to happen to me. Im just scared I have a scheduled appointment for tuesday and it is Friday but my mind is feeling me I wont make it until then. My stomach hurts I feel tense and I just dont feel like myself! Ive looked into Anxiety and stress and the symptoms all seem like mine but Im afraid that I actually have something worse Im just overlooking it and will die if I dont go to the doctor.

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