Lately I've been experiencing some mild panic attacks, anxiety and paranoia. I've been constantly paranoid my wife is doing something behind my back, even though I should have no reason to believe so. Because of this I've been having anxiety attacks, feelings of despair and loneliness. It's kind of hard to explain, but today I'm having really bad anxiety attacks, shortness of breathe etc.. etc..

I really do not like feeling like this, it's affecting my wife, and my marriage. I'm not usually like this.

There are a few things that have led up to this. My wife is in school for Journalism and writes for the school newspaper, so she is constantly busy and doing really well. Also she is now losing her weight that she gained after having our daughter and is starting to look really good. Right now I'm the one working 40 hours a week at a shitty job to support our family, so I think I'm feeling that I'm insignificant and have a fear of losing her to someone else. I don't know. I'll stop now.
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replied April 24th, 2008
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You do sound very insecure. I would sit down with her and talk lovingly. I personally would not worry about things that have no real relaventcy to them yet.
You going to make yourself sick over this, if you have not already. Now if you would say she comes home late or is not where she says she is when you call there, then I would start to wonder. Or if calls start coming to the house from another male, then yes, I would question that.

Talk to her........
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