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anxiety and hypochondria sufferer

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ok i have posted many lines on this before i dont usually get many replys from them probably because i sound like a raving lunatic lol. Basically i just want to hear other peoples stories if they have anything similar to me i am 20 years old 38 weeks pregnant (tho i had this problem long before my pregnncy but that seems to have exacberated the problem) i have this awful fear of dying the thought absolutley terrifes me to the point i obsess over it but oddly enough i never fear death through car accident or anything like that. I am totally terrified of gettin sick my whole mood depends on how i feel physically iv im not to good then thats it im an unhappy paranoid wreck. I cant stay off the internet either i spend hours sometimes looking up my symptoms the i diagnose myself.. my main fears are heart attack or heart disease(thats the one i spend most ov my time obsessing about) i have also convinced myself before about brain tumours and anyerusms erm the abscess on my gum spreading to my brain then all kinds ov other things at the moment i am scared i have a pulmonary embolism scared putting it mildly .. My life feels like this endless cycle i think i have disease get all worked up an distraught for a while it will go on till something will make me feel better like trip to a&e that will reasurre me for a while i go back to being my happy cheerful self then something else will happen that will make me think im goin to die an send me into another bout ov anxiety fear and depression i feel sometimes like i will never be happy again i used to be normal once then my friend died weirdly tho he didnt die ov a disease he got stabbed so dunno go figure that one out??? Question why dont i fear death by attack i dont know all i know is im terrified ov death an disease and its ruining my whole lifedoes anyone else feel this way?
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