Hi can anyone help me, i have had 2 anxiety attacks in the last 3 days bought on my emotional stress, i am not on any medication for anxiety i choose to go down the natural remedy path.
I find that after an attack i feel totally wiped out and light headed for a few days after. Im also have a small sharpe pain under my left breast and to the outter side of my left breast almost going under my armpit. Is this natural after an anxiety attack , i am breathing without any difficulty and am not sweating or feel clammy so im not going to rush to the A&E dept.

Has anyone else felt this way ? plus i still have that knot in my stomach.

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replied January 31st, 2010
iv had simular symptoms and its all to do with fear the more you think about it the worse it gets sometimes i not get the full enxiety symptoms just the simular sort of pain.
if u can try and say to yourself its just anxiety and it will pass and keep trying to say that to urself it may ease off and try listening to some good music or relaxation cds with headphones on to distract the mind onto something else
or just go to doctors and get it checked out and if doctor puts it down to anxiety like me then it may ease your mind
keeping myself busy helps to take my mind off it and it does help alot.
hope you get well soon

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