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anxiety after panic attack from weed?!

I KNOW THIS IS LONG BUT PLEASE READThis is for real and i'm not over exaggerating so please no negative comments!

I would really like to hear from people who are going through the same thing and have GOOD advice

I'm 19 and have been smoking weed every day for a few years straight with out having any problems and loving it. I went on vacation for about ten days and didn't smoke the whole time i was on vacation. So I get home sunday night and on monday august 15, i was with a friend and was excited to start smoking again. I took one really big, massive hit and got pretty stoned and was feeling fine for a while until i started feeling really woozy. My heart rate started going crazy, my hands and feet were tingling, my chest had a lot of pressure, my left arm went numb, i felt very nauseated and anxious and it felt like i would maybe pass out. Very scary feeling! I tried to calm myself down and about after an hour of the same feeling, i asked my mom to take me to the emergency room. only when i got to the hospital did i start to calm down. they ran just about every test on me and everything came back fine except a really low pottasium level.

Well i thought that if i just start eating better and get more pottasium that i'd be fine. NOW THIS IS WHAT IS WORRYING ME.

I got out of the hospital monday night and the next day, tuesday august 16, i woke up feeling pretty okay, just a little weak, but started off my day like normal.
and then out of no where i started feeling really anxious and nauseated along with strange vision, like everything is kinda dreamy or sharp looking. It wouldnt go away so i decided to take a nap after a while. when i woke up a few hours later i still felt the same anxious, nauseated feeling. I even tried to hang out with my friend to see if I would stop feeling anxious but that didnt help. It finally went away a few hours before i went to bed and it was such a relief. BUT the next day, wednesday august 17, it pretty much happened the same way. i felt really crappy, anxious, and nausteated for apparently no reason. I kept asking myself why i'm feeling anxious cause i have nothing to worry about but it didnt really help. I went to the family doctor that day(and by this time the anxiety feeling was gone) and they did a few more tests, and i tried to explain the axiety feeling i was having but they said not to worry and call back in a few days if I still feel the same way. well i had to go to work right after the doctors visit and i felt fine for about thirty minutes and then it hit me again. but this time it didnt last as long as the other times, maybe an hour and a half of it and then it went away. I felt pretty okay for the rest of the night, ate a good dinner, had a happy-tired feeling and was glad to go to bed.

BUT i woke up suddenly out of nowhere feeling very crappy, anxious, nauseated, shaky, heart racing with a weird and scary dreamy feeling along with weird vision again. I felt hot one minute and cold the next and tried to just go back to sleep but couldnt. I have been up since that time and have been feeling the same way, with a really spacey and woozy feeling. It feels like its not going away this time. I've tried to go back to bed since i hardly got any sleep but everytime i lay down, i start to feel dizzy and worse.

It is now saturday, august 20th, and i'm pretty much still feeling the same way. yesterday on friday august 19 I felt really bad most of the morning and afternoon with all the same symptoms and then it went away for a while.
That night on friday my doctor prescribed me .5mg of xanax to see if it helps with my anxiety. so that same night i went to the gym and felt really good after wards (in fact the best i've felt in the past few days) then picked up my prescription and took only half a pill of the xanax around 9pm and just felt kinda weird and normal but after a while i began to feel anxious again so i took the other half of the pill around 11pm and began to feel really drowsy and tired. I went to bed and felt kinda weird and hot but was able to drift off to sleep. But I woke up around 2am feeling really strange and shaky along with blurred vision (not the same as the dream like/sharp vision that I explained earlier) So i just tried to go back to sleep and was finally able to around 3:30am.

This morning on saturday august 20, i woke up around 10am feeling HORRIBLE. Really tired and shaky, heavy body feeling, anxious of course and just pretty much out of it. this feeling felt a bit worse then all the other times anxiety hit me in the previous days. so I just tried to sleep some more and was drifting in and out of sleep until like 12:30pm but still felt really bad and still pretty tired and STILL anxious. So around 2pm I took another xanax pill and it made me better but still felt slight anxiety. It is now 4pm and i still feel pretty okayish but im hoping it wont wear off because I dont want to start feeling really bad again.

So in summary, ever since that one hit of weed, and after that first big attack, It seems like i've been having anxiety problems. It's an off and on pattern, I'll feel fine for a while, and then really shitty for a while. I havent smoked since that one hit on monday so that's why i'm scared that i'm having these affects even though its already been five days

From what i've read from other posts that are similar to what im going through say that the weed triggered some kind of disorder that'll take a few months to get back to normal? that makes me worry even more because only a few days of feeling like this is horrible so I dont know if I can handle several months.

I have another appointment with my doctor on tuesday august 23 and this time i'm going to explain every single detail to her about whats been going on because all the doctor really knows it that i'm just having anxiety problems. The doctor doesn't know about the weed.

by the way, ever since tuesday night august 16, i've been eating very healthy and drink ONLY water and lots of it. but most of the time I'm finding it hard to eat. Just loss of appetite.

Anyway, does anyone have any experience in EXACTLY what im going through? Also any experience with xanax because I like how its kinda helping me but I dont want to get addicted to this stuff because I heard trying to come off it is like the most HORRIBLE nightmare of your life.

I also start school on monday and i'm worried if i'll be able to get through it or not?

i'd just like to have more feed back from people who are going through the same thing
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replied August 21st, 2011
I've been having very similar problems to you and had taken weed and other drugs. I feel for you trust me! Be interesting to see what people have to say as i too am fed up!
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replied August 21st, 2011
cainm I went througg the same. in fact thats how i got my panic and anxiety disorder. my only help was God. and i know that will be your help also. its hard. i spent so much time in ERs, clinics and doctors that i felt no one understood me. but God helped me every day. seek God and a church and congregate. that will help so much. you got nothing to loose.
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replied September 15th, 2011
I basically got it the same way as you but mine was from smoking salvia. i learned my lesson from that. but dont worry just stay strong and positive. try to do positive things in your life and dont think of it as a mental sickness. you will get better. i suffered for like 3 months after i smoked because i didnt have real help until i actually started reading up on it and talking to friends. xanax helped me i only took it for like 2 weeks but i didnt feel the need for it anymore. i too was in school and it did suck but like i said just stay positive and you'll get thru it fast. good luck man.
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replied September 21st, 2011
this happend to me i been smoking 2 years straight and had 3 MAJOR TRIPS I dont no man the jane hit me like it did to u now my anxiety is to the max i dont no wat to do anymore honestly
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