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Antibiotics and Birth Control

I realize that there are many questions here about how long it takes after taking antibiotics for birth control to become effective again, but I was wondering if I should still wait 7 days after the antibiotics even if during that 7 seven days I was taking the inactive sugar pills where I get my period. Since there aren't any active hormones in it, should I wait another 7 days?
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replied March 6th, 2011
Especially eHealthy
Lbla, There is just no information available about antibiotics and birth control pills. The very little research done on this showed that it is just a limited number of the antibiotics that lessen the effectivity of birth control pills. Very little research have been done on newer birth control pills and there is the suspicion that it is just not the same for all women.

So my advice will be to play it safe. Wait for 7 days into your active pills before you allow him to ejaculate inside you or use a condom. If you do not want a baby, the risk are just not worth it otherwise. And it is not as if you cannot enjoy the wide range of non-penetrative activities.

Take care!
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