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antibiotics again and lump in my mouth is getting bigger

hi i wear a partial denture.and friday night i went out and the roof of my mouth was sorew but i could handle it saturaday morning i woke up in so much pain with the roof of my mouth, itook my denture out, so sunday i saw my out of hous dr and he said oh its just a infection. he gave me corslyden and antibiotics and said see drntist next day, so i went to see my dentist and she tapped me teeth going does this hurt and i said no , so she goes you have a abcese, and goes i pulled ur tooth and she didnt know wot tooth to pull, so i said no leave it, and again antibiotics, the lump in my mouth is getting bigger, and ive now been 5 days without wearing my denture cause the swelling is that bad,ive shown ppl and theyve have said no way thats a abecese cause the antibiotics should have least done something to this lump, all im eating is jello what can i do? all the dentist wants to pull it instead of saving i t,
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