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Hi, I am 21 and I have a not so good job, I have a loving family, friends, girlfriend, and a dog. I have so many hobbies and I always start one when I feel like it. I know that I am a happy person but there are some points in my life that just comes to me that makes me feel so deppresed. It started when I was in highschool but it was not that frequent until now, I am always thinking "what is my point in life" and I always get this feeling that I am nothing or my point in life is to be a burden to other people and that makes me feel like I don't want to do anything and there are some times when I just want to end it but I don't want to because I will be hurting my loved ones and I don't want to leave them, specially my dog that I really really love. I have thought of many things to die and I'm always thinking that me dying should not be a big of a deal and I don't want anyone to see my body if I ever came to that point. I don't want to talk to anyone close to me as they might be affected so I'm relying here in this post to help myself.
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