hey, my best friend is anorexic and needs help. bad. if you can give me advice how you got over it and helped yourself please tell me. thanks, bye.
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replied June 26th, 2011
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replied June 28th, 2011
Extremely eHealthy
u r asking the wrong question. how old is friend, how old r u, how do u know she is anorexic, why is gods name would u ask other mental patients,
let's pretend u r 16 yr old; now problem comes and u do what, go ask 12 yr old, (oh I guess not) BUT U R WILLING TO ASK current or former mental patients,

DO U UNDERSTAND your friend is a mental patient with or without professional mental health care and u r tossing a request into the asylum thinking GREAT WISDOM WILL COME

best to u but if u can't deal with what I just said; u can not help your friend
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