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Anorexia with Bulimic Tendencies treatment ?

Right now I am in a outpatient program for my eating problems. I was diagnosed to have Anorexia with Bulimic Tendencies... I know I have a problem. It is just really hard to accept it. The past 5 years have been hard. I started restricting my food in take, but soon it got out of hand. I started over exercising and starving myself. When I got tired of that I went on to abusing laxatives. I never could throw up. I tried that. I shoved a toothbrush down my throat, but I only started crying and dry heaving. Nothing else except the rare handful of spit up. I am fifteen now and have been doing all that since I was ten. I am on a food plan and have weekly therapy sessions, but I have been doing something else. I recently started chewing and spitting my food. On an average day I will eat three meals about three hundred calories each and take more food into the bathroom with me to chew and spit into the toilet. Will this do any damage to my organs or to myself? Could i have ruined my physical growth do to the years of exercising my bad habits? Do I really have an eating disorder? I am 5 foot 5 inches and weigh at this moment 104 pounds am I over weight? Can you give me an estimate to around how many calories I should be having a day? I am sorry if this is an odd post... I am really confused right now just about life in general...
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replied May 30th, 2009
Honey you are not over weight..It is imperative you get in the right amount of vitamins and nutrients to have a healthy body..You probably should be getting in around 1200 calories a day..Take in milkshakes if needed but get more into you..You are only cheating yourself by chewing and spitting out your food..Take what you want from the table and leave the rest..Maybe eating smaller portions throughout the day would be better for you..I hope you continue with the therapy sessions but be honest with yourself in what you are doing..Hiding is not the answer..
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