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Anorexia recovery + digestive issues

I am having digestive issues as a result of anorexia recovery.

Abdominal distention all over (even upper), fecal loading/impaction, belching and a constant awful taste in the back of my throat.

Despite the impaction I am still able to pass what seems a normal amount of stool daily. I have tried everything to clear it; movicol, suppositories, senna etc and a recent x ray proves I still have it! It all started with inpatient refeeding, at first I had a nasogastric tube and they used a dairy based formula (which I am intolerant too), then I moved onto solid food but I had to eat 6 meals a day and they were normal/large sized. I had to eat ALL of it otherwise I'd have to drink an Ensure. It was a lot of food for even a healthy person to eat. I was constipated for one week were I didn't have a bowel movement at all.

I started passing stool again but despite that my belly just grew more distended. The Dr ordered an X Ray which revealed the impaction and I was started on treatment. This was over a couple of months ago, the impaction and discomfort never did clear. I am at my wits end. Very glad to be eating again and I'm sleeping a lot better than when I was starving. But I am so tired with the gut issues slowing me down and that bad taste in my mouth is starting to ruin my enjoyment of foods. My dental health is in good order.

The funny thing is this was just a short stint of anorexia, a couple of months (but I lost a significant amount of weight, I got down to 35kgs (77lbs). I am now weight restored at 57kgs! (125lbs).. I was anorexic as a young teenager over 15 years ago which persisted for MUCH longer than this, over a year. Although I was not inpatient and I did the refeeding myself very gradually and did not suffer these terrible ongoing digestive complications.

I am taking pro biotics, apple cider vinegar, magnesium + aloe capsules and have just started on the movicol again.

My most recent labs still show some liver inflammation, low ferretin and high phosphate (unusual so more testing is being done, just waiting on results).

Have noticed that too much fiber seems to make me worse. What else can I do? I am going to the Dr's next week and going to be asked to be checked for H Pylori just to rule that out (not that would count for the impaction but maybe upper GI symptoms and foul taste I am getting). The chances of this all being related to the refeeding is quite high though and not likely to be a bug.

Is there anything else I can do? Just can't take it anymore Sad. It is ruining my self esteem.
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