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Anorexia Nervosa Teenage Athlete

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Hi everybody!

As you probably already guessed, I am the anorexic teenage athlete. I am a 16 year old female, 5'7 and 115 pounds. Last summer, I began the recovery process after hitting rock bottom at 99 pounds. I passed my summer physical and the doctor didn't realize that I hadn't gotten my periods for 7 months, so I passed and was allowed to compete in athletics this year. After having my volleyball coaches ask me what was wrong, I realized I had an eating disorder and got help online without telling anyone. No one other than my school counselor and my best friend know what I went through. My life is kind of perfect in academics and athletics, which probably caused the eating disorder, but I don't really want to screw that up. I am now, in my opinion fully recovered.

The problem is, I don't know if I need to bring this up with my doctor. There were times at my worst where I wouldn't eat anything for three days and abuse laxatives. My periods have returned, but I don't know if there could be any more problems that were never addressed. Honestly, I feel perfectly fine now, just a bit weak due to the loss of muscle mass. What do you all think?
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replied April 28th, 2012
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Hi VBgirl and welcome to ehealth: Good for you...You sound like you are very in touch with yourself...My best advice is to definitely talk to your doctor...You need someone to fall back on if you start to falter...This is a problem that you will probably always face...You must convince yourself every day that you are in recovery....Don't let your guard down...

Talk with your school counselor when things get rough...Always and I stress always have someone to talk to...This is a disease that stays with us all our life...We can say we have recovered, but there is a part of ourselves that will always remember the days of our past...Continue to eat well...Good luck...I send you my love and best wishes...

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