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Anorexia nervosa or bulimia or depressed ?

hi im katie, im 15 and i have a real problem with food. whenever i eat, i feel like an animal or something, like i just lost control. i try going for a day or 2 starving or only having a monster or red bull, but then by the second or third day, i binge and just restart the next day. and if i plan on eating an apple and nothing else, if i have bread or something i automaticaly feel defeated and i just binge the rest of the day and restart later. i also excersise a lot! and i take laxatives but they hurt my stomach so i only take 1-3 depending on how "good" or "bad" ive been. and i always try tricks to not eat, like if i go to school, i dont bring money so i won't eat during that period of time. but whenever i have money, i just think "well i guess it couldnt hurt" and i buy candy. and i sometimes walk home just to buy a bunch of candy and other bad food and then binge and not eat dinner and work out for as long as i can stand.
and whenever i see food i want to eat it, and if it were up to me i'd order like pizza and buy cake and ice cream and eat that all day and then starve for as long as i can. plus, i constantly ask friends and my sister for some of their food and they don't care because they see me not eat alot but i feel gross. my mom does that too. if i have food she likes she just HAS to sample it and it annoys me because its just a reminder of what i do and shes kinda chubby so it makes me feel like i'll get i dont know what category i fall under. and ive heard of anorexia athletic. could u tell me what that is?

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replied April 20th, 2010
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Hi Katie: Try eating only when you are hungry....Stay away from a lot of sweets as they make you more hungry...The fact that your Mom likes to sample food and has kind of an eating problem can and is probably affecting you as well...Many of us do as we have been taught even though she never taught you this....You saw this and a child learns from their Mother....I know I did it too...

Try not to hold off your eating for a long period of time...Make your meals good and healthy...Plan them...Nothing wrong with a burger and fries as long as you don't follow this with cake and candy...Don't binge...It will get you in trouble...The habits that you are picking up now could follow you for a lifetime...Straighten them out now and stick to them...Let the words Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia be a part of someone elses world...Not yours...

You are young and now is the time to put yourself on the right path of proper eating...Don't fall into the pitfalls of these diseases....Good luck and take care...

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replied April 24th, 2010
Katie - I''ve suffered from a form of Anorexia Nervosa and I think that''s what you could be going through right now. There are different kinds though. Binge Anorexia sounds like what you have right now. An "anorexia athlete" is a person who exercises and does a lot of physical activities but doesn''t consume nearly enough (or any in some cases) calories to keep up with the activities they do, which is really hard on their body. They keep going and burn the energy that they don''t have.
Eating disorders are serious things and they''re scary, trust me. I''m 14 years old & I''m suffering with Anorexia Nervousa, so I know what it''s like. Just know that you can reach out to people, your friends and family. I thought I could do it on my own, but after multiple relapses, I''ve realized otherwise. Don''t try to do this on your own. I''m not saying that you can''t, just that it''s so much better and easier to try to get help. Talk to your parents about it. If they don''t take you seriously (mine didn''t) then try to talk to your school counselor or even a teacher. They can help you talk to your parents. Explain all your symptoms and concerns. It might be uncomfortable at first, but just remember that you''re in trouble, your life could be on the line. If you do have an eating disorder, you need medical help. That sounds scary, I know, it was for me. But you can get better with a little willpower, support, help, and strength. You can do this. If you don''t act soon, though, this could take over your life. You have to do something about it before that happens. I''ve done a lot of research into this kind of thing, and I''ve experienced it first-hand. Don''t think you''re alone in this battle, because you aren''t. I hope this information helps you, and remember I''m not a doctor, but I advise you to go talk to one. You''re starting to lose control against this thing (potential eating disorder) and that''s not good. Not for you. I hope any and all of this information was helpful to you and anyone else looking for answers. If you would like to get into better contact with me,write me. I''ll tell you my story, experience, and things I''ve learned from it if you''d like. Good luck with everything in your life. I hope I''ve helped.
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replied May 22nd, 2010
Hi Katie,

Good on you for getting on here and trying to figure things out. I agree with Jocelyn -- you definitely have disordered eating. We're very preoccupied with labels these days, but it doesn't really matter whether you are called anorexic or anorexic-athletic, the point is that it's making you miserable! And it's not your fault.

Speaking from experience, the craving for sweets and fatty foods comes because of the starving. You get your blood sugars so low through restriction that your body is desperate for some energy. The binge then causes the disgust, which in turns leads back to restricting. Try writing down your cycle -- it might help.

The solution is eating regularly and often -- much easier to say than to do. But if I can give you incentive in anyway it will be through saying this: The pattern that you are in is EXACTLY what I was 7 years ago. Eventually, all the bingeing caught up with me and I am now VERY overweight. If you can, I think you need to see a doctor and sort this out before it's been going on for ten years like it has for me.

Best of luck
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