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Annorexic willing to change

I am a 18yr old female and have gotten down to about 85 pounds. I have finally realized I don't want to live this way anymore. My mom says if i start eating we won't go to the doctor. At this point I feel like I can eat again because I do want to get back to normal and just be healthy because I do see that I look bone sick and im tired of being tired all the time. But I was wondering that if I just start eating again if that is a bad idea or what should I do to slowly start getting into a normal habit. I just don't want my body to go into shock or anything if i just start eating again, but I am ready to change on my own without having to be hospitalized or anything. I guess i really just need advice on how to do this the right way.
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replied January 18th, 2012
The best thing you can do is plan some easy steps (small things - eating 1 more meal a day or just 100 or 200 calories more for a few days, then 100 more for a few days. Whatever your plan 1) make sure what you are eating will FUEL your body! Fruits, veggies, grains, milk, nuts, meat, veggies, etc. It will keep your blood sugar from big highs and lows which can lead to mood swings and affect your recovery. 2) tell someone your plan and be accountable to them!!

I know it will be a hard adjustment but you CAN recover - hospital-free (I did!) it's about facing the issues that were the catalyst for your ED in the first place. You asked for a recovery plan for your diet, so I gave you some tips, but the best change you can make is to really and truly CHANGE the way you are approaching/dealing with things. Get outside your comfort zone - ask for help - share your feelings - etc.

You CAN do it!! Keep me posted. I can't wait to hear that you've gained a few pounds, but mostly, that your recovery journey is making you FEEL better about yourself too!
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