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Ankle recovery time after plate and screws?

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I currently just had surgery on foot on June.02,2011 i got a steal plate and 6 screws put in.I was wondering how long until im able to walk again??.I have a toddler at home and i would love to be able to enjoy at least a little bit of summer
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replied June 7th, 2011
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It depends greatly upon what your injury is. Some fractures that have had internal fixation placed can be walked on immediately, some can be walked on in a cast, and others have to be nonweight bearing for an extended period.

Usually, bones in the foot heal in about 6 to 8 weeks. But, again, it depends upon the fracture. You also have to rehab the foot. So, if you are in a cast for the whole time, your ankle will be stiff. If you don't have to be casted, then ROM shouldn't be a problem.

This is a question you should have asked the surgeon. When you left the hospital you should have been given instructions as to what exactly your activity level could be. Be sure to ask these questions of the surgeon the next time you see him/her.

Good luck.
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