hello! i joined this site in a hope u can help me. i twisted my ankle 5 days ago while i was climbing the stairs, i saw the doctors, took x-ray, and they didnt find any broke just says if it will get worst u come. but it get rather worst as it was get more swollen and not possible to move or touch causes a terrible pain.
im using cream diclophenac 1% and bandage and putting ice but without success.
also before it i cought a flu and my throut is dry and sore,coughing make pain, i use a lot of antibiotics from my childhood and now too, how can i get rid of being dependent on them or reduce their bad effect because they cause me stomace ache in general its not good i heard. if u know how to treat some of them i would really appreciate luvcomp
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replied March 22nd, 2010
Honey-you probably have overstressed your ankle after the injury..If you have bandage on and it's too tight that can make the ankle swell even more..alternating ice and heat may help some with the swelling..If worse then you need to see the doctor again..k
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