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Ankle injury

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18 days ago I injured my ankle, believe it or not I put my feet up on the recliner, crossed my ankles and heard a snap. Earlier that day I completed a 1hr 15 min ballet and tap class, went shopping, went to the grocery store, went out for dinner, in all it was a busy day for at least 10 hrs straight. (I usually take one ballet/tap class and 1 jazz class every week. Even though I am older now, I have been doing this for the last 7 years.)
I could not put any weight on my foot for the first two days and an ER visit with xrays did not show any break (although they did not rule it out either) several days later I can put weight on it but it is still painful, especially after resting it. My question: I do not have full range of motion. I can point my foot, but I cannot pull it up to a 90 degree angle to step on it correctly with out severe pain. My doctor said not to push it, but that was last week and it is not any better. Should I see an orthopedic doctor, or should I try to "push" the ankle to bend, or should I just wait another week and see what happens?

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replied April 8th, 2009
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I stretched mine the wrong way and injured it good...I can put weight on it too, but it is painful...Last night in bed I tried making a toe point and it got worse...Now I am just going to rest it and see what happens...

I would just give yourself a week to see what happens...But I wouldn't push the ankle to see if it will bend...You could make it worse...Good luck in healing...

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