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aniexy & wolf Parkinson white syndrome

hey can anyone tell me if stress can have an effect on my wolf Parkinson white syndrome? because lately when i go to practice i become stressed and my heart starts pounding i know this is different than just exercising, because i don't do that much and when i am at my resting heart rate (which is when my heart problem usually appears) my heart races and makes me feel sick to my stomach. i am also sick and on an antibiotic for an that may have something to do with it. but if anyone has anything to say about this it would be a real help. I'm going to the doctor but i won't be able to see him until a couple of days. it would be really helpful if anyone could help and i could think of what to do next. thanks a lot!!!
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replied August 31st, 2008
stress and WPW
About 14 years ago I suffered from WPW. I had an ablation and have been fine ever since. Back then when I would stress, it would definately effect my WPW. The fact that palpitations would increase my stress level even more did not help either. Just try to relax and don't let worrying about this consume your life. Talk with your doctor and ask what is best for you. If he offers the option of an ablation, I highly recommend it.
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