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Anhedonia from ADHD meds

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I've been feeling super sluggish the past couple months. At first, I thought it was the weather or my diet. Those often contribute to my lethargic-like feelings I often get. Within the last month, I found out I have low testosterone from primary hypogonadism as well as some mild sleep apnea symptoms from my testosterone medicine as well as high blood pressure.

Beyond those things, I have ADHD both hyperactive and inattentive types. I'm losing motivation despite exercising and eating "better." It seems to be the ADHD medicine making my motivation worse!

Anyone else relate to my sentiments about how stimulants may make you more tired/unmotivated? FYI: I'm talking more after they have all worn off for the day and you don't have anything "active" in your system, basically.

I don't like stimulants, but I know myself and many others still suffer from ADHD and other chronic mental health issues. I"m just another guy complaining about his problems, but I hope that there are newer medicines coming out eventually and hopefully one day even newer kinds of therapy besides the same crap psychotherapists and textbooks will tell you to do that is blatantly obvious like sleep well and exercise.
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