ok where do i start, ever since i was little i have had this mantel problem, i feel horribly depressed just thinking about things sometimes brings so much anxiety, like thinking about the night ahead and the next day. sometimes i feel so happy but inside the happy is still a depression and thats the happy, the down is pure horrid thoughts from suicide and just becoming different person, i have no personality when i am around people i have nothing to say just boring to a t. constnly angry and tired aswell, am a recovering alcholic as used that to cope with my thoughts.
feels like no one can help and medication just makes it worse pleas help.
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replied June 4th, 2009
if you are a recovering alcoholic, are you going to the aa meetings.

i had a friend that went to meetings 10 years after being clean. he made life long friends that could relate to him.
you probably been through so much in your life.

you may have to see a therapist. i always was depressed, and it was getting so bad where i had to see a therapist, and take medication.
i've been through so much that now when i get upset i get panic attacks. i have to stay positive and tell myself everything is going to be okay.
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