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angry and frustrated becoz i can understan others feelings

am i angry because my friends are at slower pace than i am... i am angry because the door wont open... i am angry about my past actions.. i am angry because people around me are dumb enough to not know what in hell is happening around them(see... i am angry again).. i am angry that i dont get what i want sometimes.. sometimes i am angry because i am getting more than enough in my life... but at the same time i am angry because i am not being treated properly.. why oh why????

and i get head-ace's when i get super crazy angry... sometimes chest pain...

and i am frustrated that i dont know which path is right or wrong... i am tires of being the she-knows-everything girl all the time... they dont care about what i think just because i can understand them and their problems... like i have no problems at all???
jus feel left alone sometimes due to this.. its getting out of control these days...!!!
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replied July 22nd, 2012
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hope you feel a bit better by now. Anger is horrible........
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