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anemia symptoms/leukemia? failure to thrive?

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My 2yr old daughter recently was refered to a hematologist for anemia. Her lab levels are: WBC 11.8,RBC 2.7,hgb 8.5,hct 23.3, MCV 83, RDW 11.1, plt 373, MPV 6.1, ANC 3.68, lym# 6.1
He want to wait a week since she currently has a upper respiratory infection and see what the levels are then. He believes something chronic is going on, or autoimmune disease.She has not had any major accident with bleeding within the last 8mo.She is also very tiny and they beleive she has faiure to thrive. She has never been a good eater. Please help me find some answers. My mother has sjogrens syndrome.Thanks
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replied November 20th, 2011
My daughter was FTT and anemic as a infant. She now has a severe immune deficiency but otherwise is healthy. Best to just see what the tests say and go from there.
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