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anemia, high platelets, low lymphocytes

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I have heavy periods and my gynacologist called me to tell me that my haemoglobin (hb) is down to 9.98 (norm 12- 16). A year ago my hb was also this low and I took iron supplements for 2 months to elevate the values - so within the last 12 months they have sunk back to 9.98.
My platelets have been high for several years now. In this last blood test they were 599 (norm 150-370).
A year ago I had a very mild relative lymphopenia 24% (norm 25-40%) and a mild absolute lymphopenia . In this most recent blood test I was down to 21% - relative lymphopenia. my neutrophils were otherwise normal but my monocytes were slightly raised at 11% (norm = till 9.5%)

my questions:

Can heavy periods be the sole cause of my anemia and a relatively rapid hb fall?
Do I need to worry about the elevated thrombocyes since about 3 years which range between 450 - 600 in my case?
What could be the cause of this persistent lymphopenia?
is the slight Monocytosis relevant?

Many thanks for any advice,

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replied July 28th, 2010
hi my mum has low platlets and has just been diognosed with cancar so she has got to have an hysterectomy .the hematolgertest wants to see mum next week before her op will that be to talk about what they are going to do with her platelets before the op thank you
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replied November 28th, 2010
chronic leukemia
hye im 21 now..about 3 years ago i was admitted to the hospital due to very low hemoglobin which was 4.5..the doctor said that this kind of case is very rare eventhough there are lots of people who have low hemoglobin but it's nearly impossible to down to 4.5.i was diagnosed with chronic anemia and constantly having to take meds everyday..but this is not really hemoglobin did improve with the help of meds but the highest i ever got was 9..and i still feel fatique,dizzy,paleness,super exhausted,gums easily bleeding and frequent fevers..i guess this is due to too much meds i take everyday.i have to go for a blood test and admitted to the hospital like hundred times..and finally(after 3 years) the doctors decided to take my blood sample to identify if there's anything wrong with my blood..means that if i've been suffering from thalassemia or the results will be out next hoping everything will be fine and this is just anemia..not anythin else..btw..i also have high platelets..about there's no way that's this is leukemia..
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