Hi everyone, Here is my story. I would appreciate any feedback :)

I have always had low iron and occasionally had to take iron tablets. I have not taken any tablets for over 3 years now. Recently I have been feeling extremely tired and sleepy, I feel as if I can't get through the day when I am at work. I also feel my heart thumping hard in my chest sometimes and I get out of breath very easily (to the point where I can hardly get through my weekly tennis lesson any more as I get breathless and dizzy).

I have Hashimoto thyroiditis and it was about time to get my annual TSH and T4 blood test (I am not on any medication yet). So I decided to also run some tests for my Iron levels at the same time, since I have been feeling so so bad. Here are my results:

WBC: 4890
RBC: 4830000
HB: 9.3
HT: 31.0
MCV: 64.2
MCH: 19.3
MCHC: 30.0
PLT: 355000
RDW-CV: 18.2
FE-IRON: 16.0

T4: 9.40
TSH: 4.65

At the bottom of the results it says anemia.
How severe are these results? Would a transfusion be a solution for this level of anemia or would it bee too drastic? Do the blood test results have anything to do with the thyroid related results? Do these levels of TSH and T4 warrant medication or not yet (I have Hashimoto and multiple small and large nodes which have been biopsied in the past and were found to be OK).

I am female, 31 years old.

Thank you
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replied May 29th, 2013
You would be better off talking to your doctor about the results & discuss treatment for any conditions that have shown up in the tests. Hashimoto's thyroiditis can cause other conditions including anemia. If you are dangerously low there are injections which I have used in the past to bring my levels back up. I would not go for a transfusion unless there was no other effective treatment & it is what a doctor recommends. You say you are not being treated for the Thyroid disease yet, it is important to get treatment for any of the thyroid related disease so your body can function properly & to prevent the risk of thyroid cancer.
Get a doctor to go over your results & check any other issues that he/she may have concerns over.
Here is a link to a page that explains test results for iron levels. http://medical-dictionary.thefreedictionar y.com/Iron+Tests
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