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Hi All,

I'll try and keep this concise!

Two years ago I started feeling quite fatigued, with episodes of abdominal discomfort (right side, upper quadrant). In October 2010 I felt pretty dreadful (I'd lost weight) and ended up having all sorts of investigative treatment including ultrasound, CT scans, and endoscopy. All came back clear.

In general, blood tests seemed to come back ok, with occasional mild elevations of bilirubin.

Having "improved" slightly, over recent months I've started to feel awful again (brain fogs, fatigue, and intermittent abdominal pain). On occasions my urine has been fairly dark, and what appears to be transient very mild jaundice from time to time (skin only, not eyes).

I saw the doctor two weeks ago, and during examination she lightly pressed my gallbladder which resulted in quite a sharp pain.

Speaking over the phone the next day the results showed a slight anemia. All else seemingly fine, including liver tests, with the only figures I managed to jot down being 17 for ALT and 71 for ALP (even bilirubin was within normal range). This is good as when I bang my back (right side) I get a dull pain which resloves centrally at the front, and had worried that something was wrong with my liver.

I'm now scheduled for another ultrasound on my gallbladder next week (although the discomfort isn't too noticeable at the moment). But, boy, do I feel rotten.

I understand that some anemias can cause gallstones, but previous tests suggest I don't have any. Could it be that they can cause this kind of discomfort without actually creating a stone?

Other medical observation which might be of use to someone who knows more than I:

- I have had consistent "shotty" lymph nodes for about fifteen years. A biopsy about ten years ago came back clear of anything sinister.

- Cortisol levels were right at the upper limit of normal

- I suffer from anxiety attacks, but only when I'm feeling unwell

I'm sure there's someone out there with similar symptoms or who can narrow this down a bit. Any information is gratefully received - I've got two small children and I'm fed up of not being able to be a proper dad.
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replied July 20th, 2012
p.s contrary to the avatar, I'm actually male. Very male, with stubble and everything.

I'm also 41 years old, 5'11" and 140lbs. I've always been slim, no matter how much I eat (don't know if this is of medical interest!)
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