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androgel for penis growth ?

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does applying androgel to the penis cause penis growth?
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replied December 18th, 2010
Especially eHealthy
It will make your wallet/bank balance shrink and not change your penis size.

Rather send me your money. At least then you don't give it to some scam artist. I will even send you a cream to use, it will be as effective as androgel, in other words, it will not make 1 mm of difference.

There are no medicines, gels or creams that can make your penis size increase. Rather use your money to buy a book and learn to use what you have and you will be fine.
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replied December 31st, 2010
NEVER apply Androgel to the penis. Follow the instructions and use ONLY if it's prescribed. If your testosterone level is too high, it can cause significant issues for you. Extended high level unnaturally can increase the risk of prostate cancer. Your testosterone level MUST be check regularly if you are using Androgel or other Hormone Replacement Therapy.
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