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16 and scared I'm pregnant.

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I went to the gynecologist a couple weeks ago to find out about birth control. She said she could give me the patch, but not until I started my period. Which should be around the fifth of the month. Well I've been waiting since then, and now it's the ninth. A few days ago I started to feel like i was going to start. I was getting acne, crampy, and hungry. My boyfriend and I had sex a couple days ago and the condom broke. Since then the symptoms went away.
I can not have a baby. The whole reason I went to the gynecologist in the first place was because my mom is 150% against teen pregnancy. I know this sounds horrible, but I am pro choice, and if that's what it comes down to I need information on finding a way to have that done.
The worst part is, my mother is counting the days I'm late right along with me. She's waiting for me to tell her I need to go get my birth control, and I'm scared she'll start to catch on pretty soon. I promised her I wouldn't even be having sex once I started birth control, let alone before I even got it.
I'm just really scared.
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replied May 22nd, 2012
The baby
Whatever you do, do not have an abortion. Do not get on the pill, and do not have that baby killed. If you go to a pregnancy clinic, they can help you. Please do not commit murder and have that child. Please go get some help. Jesus loves you, and that baby, whatever you decide.
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