Im 16 and I think i could be pregnant possibly. I have a few questions I need answers to. well first my boyfriend & i had sex the last day of my period. im on birth control. but it was the week of my period which are the sugar pills. i dont ever take those week of pills. also i have pcos.

what are the chacnes of getting pregnant at 16 with pcos?
i stopped taking the birth control because if im pregnant i dont want to hurt the baby. its been 5 days since my period (i had sex). so i havent take the pills for 5 days not including the sugar pills i didnt take. should i start taking birth control agian?
what are the chances im pregnant?
im freaking out can anyone help me!
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replied December 12th, 2010
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b3llin0, NEVER stop your pills unless you can confirm that you are pregnant. After 50 years of women taking pills, there is still no evidence that the pill will cause any damage to a baby. None whatsoever.

The pill should have protected you, even during the inactive week. Those pills are just reminder pills. They contain no hormones to allow you to bleed (an artificial period also called withdrawal bleeding).

To make sure, take a pregnancy test and start taking your pills as soon as possible. It is important that you keep on taking your pills as prescribed. Stopping it will cause stress on your body and make your PCOS symptoms worse.

PCOS also reduce your chances of pregnancy.

Remember to protect yourself from STDs and infections. The pill will only protect you from pregnancy.
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