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16 and confused.

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I'm Colin, 16 and confused.

I'm unhappy, lonly and confused. I've never had a girl friend nor do i think i'll ever get one. I do feel like not living anymore, but i can hold my self up and see the bright side of things. I'm a very quite person which makes me lack on my social skills. I don't make friends because of it either, Is this what life has to be about? I wish i could love someone, or be loved by someone. I feel as if im a screw up, So why stay alive? Right? School's a whole new story, Anxiety, lack of spelling and reading, an IDIOT, i guess that does include my stupid social skills. I cannot stand this anymore. People make fun of me for no reason to impress girl, or peers. Why have people got to be so cruel, What have i done to you? I skip classes because of you ***holes. Leave me alone. Does this make me not normal, a normal kid? what do i got to do to make people like me? What have i got to change? I'll do anything to have people like me, care for me. I give all i can, but yet it's not good enough for people, Do i give up? I'm very desperate for friends, a loved one. Do i have to start smoking to have people " chill " with me? I'm ready to do ANYTHING. Please, Please.. I'm nothing.
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