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I've recently had protected sex with a girl and noticed some sort of growth around her anus. We first had sex at new years and 4-5 times since. I wasn't sure what it is and did some online research and it looks like genital (anal) warts. It looks rather large say about slightly larger than the size of a quarter and is protruding from her anus. Looks like it is right on top of it and protrudes out say about 1" or slightly under. First I thought it was rectal prolapse, but then saw these things that looked like little warts. It looks like partial or complete rectal prolapse with warts in it. Does that make sense? The coloring looks dark pink or gray. Then I saw that genital warts can look like cauliflower and grow on top of each other.

She and I spoke this afternoon and she said that her doctor told her that it was an ingrown hair. The doctor said that the only cure would be to have it surgically removed, but it would be painful. He told her to just be careful when shaving around that area. She says that she discovered it about 1-1/2 years ago and it scared her as well and swears she is telling me the truth. I've know her for about 19 years and don't know whether to believe her or not. I know it wasn't herpes and don't know which it might be... Anal warts OR Ingrown Hair OR Hemorhoids.

I've read that symptoms of genital warts don't show and there really is no test for it. We've both agreed to go and get tested fot STDs. Little scared as this could affect the rest of my life as I've always been so careful. Any ideas on what it might be. I'm not worried if it's hemorrhoids or an ingrown hair and it doesn't look like herpes. So I have the following questions.

1) Can it be an ingrown hair? Can an ingrown hair get that infected to look like that?
2) If it is genital warts or herpes is there anything I can do right now to help prevent my chances of getting it?
3) Are there questions that I can ask her to help figure it out i.e. does it hurt to the touch? does it change in size? does it bleed? does it have pus? anything that might give me more information to figure it out?
4) Will her GYN provide a document saying she doesn't have any STDs or tell me what she has so I know whether or not to ask for it.

She is going to schedule an appt with her GYN, but this is really worrying me and don't want to wait on her if I can avoid it (although that will definitely tell me.
Thank you for a quick response,
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