My husband wants to have anal sex with me and also wants to do some fisting should I let him I've never done them before
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replied July 20th, 2013
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Fisting is one of those things considered mildly shocking the first time a porn film maker decided to include it in a film; probably to fill up some time at the lowest possible expense in order to make more profit.
People who see such things or hear about them want to try them and to a certain extent it is natural to want to do that.

My own opinion about fisting is in a world where few women have complete control over the muscles that support the vagina and the majority of men could wish their partners to have that ability or just be naturally a more snug fit it makes no sense engaging in a purely sensationalist practice that is likely to make things worse.
There is no great trick to fisting as the vagina will naturally stretch enough for the passage of a baby's head. The trick is in relaxing enough to allow the practice and then another trick is returning the vagina to its former shape and dimensions.
Certainly I suggest you don't indulge in the practice unless you have conscious control over those muscles and are capable of relaxing completely.

Anal sex is almost something else entirely. It is good to try almost everything at least once and you need to try it to discover whether you like it or not. Lots of men and some women do like anal sex and it can make an occasional change; the emphasis is on occasional!
The anus is made for stuff to come out of and not go into. Some porn actresses have made lots of money from anal sex and some have needed to spend some of that money on corrective surgery.

If your husband has a large penis it might be better not to indulge him. If you decide to go ahead the rule is lots of lubrication and slow progress for penetration and slow thrusting. You will need to relax for his penetration but after that you can apply varying pressure to his penis with your anal sphincter muscle. You might prefer to be on top initially in order to be in control.
In the usual position for anal sex he should be able to reach your clitoris to stimulate it or you can and probably should do this yourself.

Observe the usual hygiene precautions where the detritus of the bowel is concerned and don't allow him near your vagina until he has visited the bathroom or at least changed the condom.

If you don't enjoy it then you shouldn't feel obliged to engage in the practice. If your husband really likes it then it could be used as a reward, perhaps, a birthday treat...

Good luck!
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replied July 21st, 2013
Thank you for your reply it has been very helpful his birthday is coming up so yeah I could try the anal sex as a treat for him . As for fisting I think I will leave this to other couples to try ps . My husband is big and sometimes even vaginal s exhorts me
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