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Anal Sex Question?

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Im a bisexual male and I recently had anal sex with a guy I met from a club. When we engaged in anal sex we DID use condoms, and we used lots of lube. We've only had sex 2 times together and each time when we at done I have to go to the bathroom to take a poop, and while I'm taking a poo it seems like its always dirrhea, and before any poop comes out this clear white slimy looking fluid comes out that looks a lot like cum, but I'm thinking it's not cum because everytime we finish I ask him if the condom is okay and he says yes. What else could this clear, white, stuff be coming out, it also comes out like water.
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replied April 11th, 2012
Community Volunteer
You said you use plenty of lube, I suspect that's what
most of it is, it will be mixing with natural juices
your rectum produces to help you poop. all of this
and mixing with your poop will make it watery or diarrhea.
Best to have anal after you have been to the toilet.
Most gay men flush them selves with warm water by
sticking a hose up there and clean the system out.
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replied May 9th, 2012
Experienced User
Good advice from NWW, I agree. what you are seeing is most likely a mucousy substance which is normal in the rectum mixed with the lube. It's not something to worry about unless it starts to have blood in it or something else changes.

Relax and enjoy your partner
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