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anal sex = hemorrhoids ??

I tried anal sex recently and somewhat enjoyed it, though we could have used more lube and it did hurt.

I am aware that I apparently had hemorrhoid problems as a child but they went away for most of my adolescent life. i'm now 20 and after i had anal sex, i got hemorrhoids.. or maybe, they came back.

This sucks for me in both my sexual and daily life. What should I do ?
I am too embarrassed to tell my boyfriend why I don't want to try anal sex anymore.
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replied March 5th, 2009
Community Volunteer
They were probably always there but in "remission".....Sometimes if you don't mess with them, they stay dormant....That is why you try to keep your bowel movements soft and not put pressure on yourself....

Now if you bring anal sex into this, you are waking up the devil....You are putting a large hard object in a place where you have babied it and tried to keep it quiet...Then you add friction to this tender area and tell your body to keep still....Don't pop out again and bleed!!....But it does....And boy they can be painful.....They will bleed and sometimes pop out of the anal opening.....I think your colon is telling you to "stay away"....Have sex the way that you started.....

I have hemorrhoids....Three kids added to my woes....However, during the course of my reincarnation in the last four years, I, too, had to go this route...My husband argued with me not to, but I insisted....For some reason I didn't want anything in life to pass me by.....Why? I have no idea....I, too, did not lube up enough....Hurt like holy living hell....One popped out and I bled like a stuck pig.....Ended up at the doctor...Try and explain that one!!!! Rolling Eyes

This posts is made to show one thing....Just because you are older, you are not necessarily wiser....Needless to say, age is only a number... Wink ......

Take care,
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