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Anal Sex and Pregnancy

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So I'm a virgin and my boy friend wanted to try some moves without actually having sex. I didn't let him inside, but we were in position for anal sex and fingering ourselves. He got as close as touching my anus and I could feel some semen. At the same time, I was inside myself. What is the chances that the semen came in contact with my vagina if it did go in my anus, but was on the outside? Should I be worried about being pregnant if we neither had sex or anal sex? I've read some other posts and answers vary. What are my chances really of becoming pregnant if semen happened to wet a little on the outside area? THANKS
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replied May 10th, 2010
Especially eHealthy
The chance of getting pregnant from what you are describing is very very very unlikely.

You are however playing with fire. Do not allow his naked penis close to your naked vulva. It is very easy to lose your mind and do something you will regret later when you get that horny
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